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Welcome to Myskyn Bath & Body. I hope you are as excited about your skincare journey as we are. Whether your love for clean skincare is just that, or you have an empowering story that made you decide to pursue natural, vegan skincare products, just know that we hear you. Skincare is such a personal thing, so we are excited that you have chosen this journey with us. We are empowered to continue to bring you products that are honest, that speak to who we are and are hand-crafted with love and purpose!

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My Story

Myskyn Bath & Body holds a single philosophy of "One Beauty." All skin tones are beautiful, and our products celebrate that. We are passionate about transforming, educating, and empowering people to lead healthier lives through the power of nature. Indulge your body and mind – and your eco-conscious inner-shopper – with products that are created with simple, planet-friendly ingredients that nurture the skin from the inside out. 


Myskyn Bath & Body was founded in 2019 by Miatta Weisel. Miatta developed complex environmental allergies in her early 20s which led to chemical allergies to common skincare products sold everywhere. Inspired by her globe-trotting childhood years and her own mother’s use of natural remedies, she was inspired to create a skincare line that is non-toxic and celebrates the healing ingredients found in nature. 


After months of research and sampling many products from companies that only use natural and organic formulas, Miatta found materials that are closely aligned with her values.


If you have ever had a negative or allergic reaction to over-the-counter skincare products, you are not alone. It’s frustrating when you can’t recognize the ingredients or understand which chemicals are reacting with your skin. MYSKYN takes away the guess work. We only use ingredients that are honest, sourced with integrity, and free of synthetic chemicals, colors, and fragrances.

Time to start loving your skin again!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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